Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saturday–Monday, May 26 to 28 –Petersville Road, Denali Highway

I did one more load of laundry before we left the RV park, a quick stop at WalMart and then we couldn’t resist going back to Pizza Hut for lunch.
A pretty boring ride to Petersville Road which is off the Parks Highway.  The road is paved for the first several miles.  Given it is Memorial Day Weekend, people are parked along the road wherever possible.  ATVs everywhere.
We came to a fork in the road where a building had burned down – possibly the Fork Roadhouse, but need Internet to check that out.  While we were reading the sign advising us to travel no further on the road, a couple pulled up next to us and told us we could go about a mile further to a spot overlooking the river.
Only excitement of the day was one moose….
Our camping spot
Temperature stayed right around 50 degrees, and it rained!  LeRoy went for a walk on Sunday morning and found people ‘in the know’.  It is bear season year round in this area, and the water below us is Peter’s Creek, which has risen a bit with all the rain.
Monday morning as we left this spot, there were some very muddy, soft spots in the road as well as a variety of potholes!  It was nice to get back to pavement.  And today’s excitement was seeing two porcupines – one headed for the hills, but I tromped after the other one!
Now we are off to see if we can get a peek at Mount McKinley.
Next is the Denali Highway, a ‘shortcut’ from Cantwell to Paxton – few miles of pavement and then rough.  The first spot we wanted was already taken so we were going to go a few miles to the next spot The Milepost suggested.  We can now see one lane of tracks up the middle of the road with soft mud on both sides.  LeRoy said we were in trouble if we met anyone and about that time there was a pullout – what did I want to do.  I opted to stop.  We had no more than pulled over than a Princess Cruise tour bus came roaring from the other way – we would have been in a world of hurt had we met him on the road.  Whew!
Our spot for the night…..

At 11 p.m., I went out to take a few photos of sundown reflections on the Talkeetna Mountains.

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  1. Wonderful photos. Sure hope you were using a strong telescopic lens for that porcupine.