Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 7-Cathedral Gorge SP Nevada

This is on Hwy 93 north of Las Vegas and I stopped at the overlook last year so I was happy to be here again.  I really enjoyed walking through these rocks.

This nice looking outhouse was also built by the CCC.

Slot canyons.

October 3-Hagerman Fossil Beds Nat’l Monument Idaho

This was a last minute side trip and not what I expected.  I thought there would be an opportunity to see fossils where they were found and maybe even see the process of uncovering them.  Oh well.  The Visitor Center was open the next day and there were fossils displayed there.

A dam on the Snake River

This is as close as we got to the fossil beds on the distant hills.

October 2-Craters of the Moon National Monument

What an unusual landscape!  It was interesting, but all that black made it so bleak.

LeRoy walked up a hill of cinders.


A spatter cone.
Inside the spatter cone.  On the other side of the fence was a hole that was not deep but held rock chunks.

More of the landscape

This was the place I went to get into the truck the next morning and found a mouse (?) had shredded kleenex all over my side.  Thus, I forgot about taking a photo of our campsite amid the black landscape.

October 1–Teton NP

I had a nice trip through the Tetons last year, but I had missed this church plus it is fall color season.

September 28-29–30 Yellowstone NP

Having been to Yellowstone many times, I do hold back a bit on photos.  However, it is still one of my favorite places.
The highlights of this visit were the many very active geysers and the bull elk bugling.
Mammoth Hot Springs

Isn't he gorgeous?
Canyon Village area and water

All the times I have been here and I had never noticed steam down by the river.

Firehole Canyon and Falls

The morning of the 30th started with this big guy who gave us a 'small' bugle

Sights on the road from Old Faithful to Norris Junction
Photos didn't do justice to the geysers that were shooting up several feet because of the steam.
Shell Spring
Mustard Spring
Grand Prism

This young one was with its mother(?) by a parking area.  It went over the bank to the lake so LeRoy went down where he found another cow and got these photos.

I stayed up above and watched mama (we think)
And to end the day, another bull who also bugled!