Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 11- More Chena Road and the Steese Highway

Just a couple more moose photos…..but how can I resist!!

We have started up the Steese Highway toward the closed Circle Hot Springs. Found a wonderful spot to boondock.

LeRoy went for a walk, but I wasn’t anxious to go out with the mosquitoes so sat inside. All of a sudden I heard a big splash….looked out and saw a muskrat! The sun was glaring off the water so it made seeing him difficult with the camera.  So there I sit waiting for him to reappear.

Later I stayed in again, but LeRoy went out and spotted a bird of prey. So out I went. I bought a mosquito net for my head years ago and finally christened it!!
Birding friends please correct me if I am wrong, but we think this is an immature female bald eagle??

And bless the muskrat for coming back!

Oh, look a bald eagle.

 Life can’t get much better!!

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