Friday, June 22, 2012

June 19-On to Deadhorse, Alaska

First was a stop in Wiseman to hear Jack tell of life here.  There were a lot of old mining cabins still being used as homes, including Jack’s and his mother’s.  I had used mosquito repellant, but still was not prepared to be outside for the better part of 2 hours.  He was one interesting man in his mid-50’s.
Moose and caribou hooves - and notice the bug zapper in his hand.

Wild iris

Jack in the red shirt behind his cabin at garden area.  He mentioned he needs to repair his solar panel frames that didn't make it through the winter.

The get away bedroom he built for his now grown children

A former home, but his mother turned it into a chapel and holds Sunday services here.

His mother’s home

The mercantile

Beginning of Atigun Pass

The other side


Where the sheep were on the far side of the road, but we had just stopped for lunch so we didn't get close.

Castle Mountain

Muskox #1


We finally started seeing caribou here and there so we stopped every time for photos and it was getting later and later.  The restaurant was holding dinner for us.  As we neared Deadhorse, they started showing up in larger numbers.
Caribou – we have learned that reindeer are just caribou that are herded. 
I have a lot of caribou photos, but this one is my favorite.

Picture doesn’t do these cliffs justice

2nd muskox

Snowy owl - through a window and cropped.

Oil rigs

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