Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday, June 1–Fairbanks Wal-Mart

Mosquitoes found us in the camper last night……this was the second time I’ve had one buzz my ear during the night!  Probably the same one that bit me!
We didn’t get an early start, but we had a beautiful drive to Fairbanks.  Since it was afternoon, we came straight to WalMart.  Did our shopping, had lunch and then walked to Lowe’s for weather stripping for the door.  Putting that on was LeRoy’s contribution to keeping the mosquitoes out.  I bought battery operated mosquito rackets – so far have only gotten to zap one of the nasty little critters!  I guess that’s a good thing but not as much fun.
About dinner time the sky opened up and it poured!
We both had family phone calls today – nice to do a little catching up.

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