Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saturday, June 2–Museum at the University of Alaska

Tlinglit beadwork.  I took this because the center one is called an octopus bag because of the 8 legs that make up the lower section.  Circa 1900.
Interesting things but the spoon in the middle was made from a Dall sheep horn.
There was a display about the above ground portions of the Alaska Pipeline and its ‘radiators’……still above my head…..maybe after we have been to Prudhoe Bay I will finally ‘get it’.
Meet Blue Babe who was found in 1979 and had been dead for 36,000 years.
The seal in the back is a Ribbon Seal…..I didn’t know there was such a thing.
We have seen some amazing Cribbage boards…..also very pricey.
This was where you were to sit and contemplate art…..
This is a simple work of art….some of the rest just made me shake my head and wonder.
After the museum, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner…had our doubts after we sat down but ordered, once again, a Vegetarian Lovers hand tossed.  We thought the ones in Wasilla were good, but this one was piled high!!

Back to the Wal-Mart Campground.  This morning I went into the store and bought a wallet – used self checkout.  When I left the store, the security buzzers went off but no one came running.  Walked into Fred Meyer tonight and set off the security system – going in and coming out.  Went into WalMart and talked to security, who took the two little cards out of the wallet…..one had a security bar on it!

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  1. Very interesting museum, almost like an art studio. That little security incident could have been real embarrassing.