Friday, June 22, 2012

June 20–Arctic Ocean and back to Fairbanks

We got to Deadhorse well after 9 o’clock.  These days in the van were waaaay too long.  Our accommodations were to be in those created in sea container like structures.  Fortunately, there was room in the ‘main camp’ where the restrooms were!  Otherwise, it was a walk from one building to the other.  Guess that doesn’t sound like a big deal for campers, but some of us are spoiled!
At both Coldfoot and Deadhorse, we had to either remove our shoes or cover them with disposable booties provided to help keep the mud tracking down.
First sight out the window

We boarded a bus tour to the oil fields and the Arctic Ocean. 

2nd floor, 3rd from left was our room

Some of the sights and absolutely no technical information!

Oil rigs

LeRoy with his fingers in the Arctic Ocean/Prudhoe Bay

Our guide/driver

Movable living quarters…see the tires?  When they have to move them, they move very slowly and sometimes with workers asleep inside.

Mike had a giant mosquito

I have avoided small planes all my life….until now.

We had to drop off a worker at Coldfoot….on the left is the hotel where we spent the first night and the restaurant is across the parking lot.

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