Saturday, August 18, 2012

Odds and ends

Since I am so far behind, here are some highlights that don’t really need individual posts.
July 31-August 2 - Our hunt for a bore tide at Beluga Point where it poured rain and the wind blew for days.  Dall sheep.

A little ‘wave’

All we got on the third day

August 3 – Boondocking at Kings River on the Glenn Highway.  It was such a beautiful day to sit outside - at last!  We spotted one fish and LeRoy knew what it was - I would have never figured it out.

I am not a birder nor is this a good photo, but how cute is this bird?

August 5 – Hatcher Pass.  It was cold and raining so we only drove through the Independence Mine Site.

August 6 – Tok Cutoff Trumpeter swans.  We saw one family of 7, but this was a family of 3.

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  1. Love that last pic of the Trumpeter Swan! Too bad you didn't have a good day for Hatcher Pass. There's a nice hike up there and beautiful scenery too.