Friday, August 31, 2012

August 30–Alaska and Canada trip coming to an end

We pulled off the road for a break and as I stepped out of the truck, little frogs were jumping all around.  Frogs have a special place in our family.

It seems appropriate that we should see these guys on our way out of Canada.

Railroad tunnels

128 days, 12,458 miles.  What an amazing trip.  I had no interest in a return trip to Alaska until we visited Valdez.  Now my list of places to see in the southern part of Alaska, Canada, and British Columbia is growing.  Maybe in 2 years.
I am definitely glad to be back in the lower 48 – good to be back to the familiar I guess.  Now I look forward to seeing family and friends here in Washington before we head back to Arizona.  Oh, and nice to have quick Internet service Smile

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  1. Sure have enjoyed your trip right along with you.