Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 12-Dempster Highway, Day 1

The day started with a black bear crossing the road in front of us – that is enough to make my day even with no photo.  And we are off to the Northwest Territories. 

Next I finally got to see a ptarmigan and get a photo – was impossible on the bus in Denali.  Other than Arctic Ground squirrels, that was the extent of the wildlife.

I would not have wanted to miss this drive!  The scenery is outstanding.  The variety of mountain formations is amazing.  Unfortunately, we had clouds so photos do not do the views justice, but there is always the trip back in a few days!

Funniest spot….the colorful outhouses in the middle of nowhere with a hand sanitizer dispenser.  The turn off to these was not marked so wondering if some type of gathering had been held here recently.  There was even an opened case of toilet paper.

More scenery

Can you imagine how much mountain runoff there must be to need culverts this big!?

Red Creek – color from iron ore

And more scenery

Arctic Circle coming up!

We spent the night AT the Arctic Circle.  For additional excitement at the Arctic Circle, I performed my first ever generator oil change!  Whoo hoo!

My new friend – but I did not put the peanuts out for him!

Yes, the sun does set up here!

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