Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 13–Dempster Highway, Day 2

We awoke to clouds hanging in front of the mountains/hills, but by the time I went to take photos, they were already gone. 
It was a day to get out the flannel lined jeans again!  The further north we drove, the more clouds and a couple of sprinkles.
The scenery wasn’t so great part of the day – meaning not as many photos.  There were a lot of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams – I ‘earmarked’ photo stops for the return trip with hopefully some sunshine.
I never expected to travel to the Northwest Territories!
Middle Lake and the town of Middle Lake


There are 2 ferry rides – the first one crosses the Peel River near Fort McPherson and there will be more about this ferry in the return trip post.  Just like in Dawson City, there is no dock, they just pull up to the beach.

The second is across the MacKenzie River near Tsligehtchic (have no idea how to pronounce it).  

We had to wait for the next ferry so watched this semi being loaded.

The young man maintaining the ‘dock’ really made a mess so everyone rocked and rolled getting on and off the ferry.  A Class C with a ramp on back with motorcycle or scooter got himself in a bit of a problem when the rear of the coach drug, plus he may have been stuck in the mess.  A utility truck had just boarded and he towed the MH onboard. 
We also passed 2 motorcyclists we had seen earlier.  Apparently one had run off the road and down an embankment!  A service utility truck had stopped to help and one motorcyclist was laughing so guessing it wasn’t serious.
On the opposite shore.

We are just outside Inuvik for the night.  The Dempster Highway road conditions are much as I would have expected for a  gravel road.  There are the nice smooth segments along with the potholes and washboards!  It is pretty much the same as the other four gravel roads we have been on.  Granted I have not been the one driving, but I wouldn’t hesitate to drive any of these – you just can’t drive fast!

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