Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 15–Dempster Hwy, Day 4

The view – now why couldn’t the moose be there this morning!?

Our first task was to go back to Eagle Plains for a new tire.  Done!
The emergency airstrip (AKA the road).  This one was much wider than another one we saw and is near an oil rig.

LeRoy’s shot of the oil rig and housing

Back to scenery….mixture of sun, clouds and haze

What some of these mountains are made of

Some of these rocks looked so loose and if you pulled one, they might all come falling down

The pretty pinkish/purple fox weed (which can be harmful to animals)  going to seed.

Just a little of today’s dirt…..wish the maid would come.

Not crazy about all the dirt, but really did enjoy this trip.  Would not suggest making the ‘kamikaze’ run we did.  If one didn’t want to go the entire way to Inuvik, I think the first 200 miles would give a good taste of the scenery.


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