Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 11-A Dawson City walk and Diamond Tooth Gerties

We thought we would take a stroll through the town – actually with ice cream in mind.
Our first stop was the Northwest Territories Visitor Center to get information for a possible future trip (by LeRoy).  Looked at photos and watched a video.  I was sold!  We have a couple reservations coming up so the wheels were turning, but we decided we could make the 951 mile  round trip if we hurried.  Stay tuned.

You can tell by the time we got a late start today because I slept late.

Moosehide Slide, a prehistoric landslide

A stop at the church – the older they are, the better I like them.  Established 1896.

 The current church built in 1904

A use for old mining equipment at the RV park

Diamond Tooth Gerties show was what I expected with the exception of no comedian.  Dancers are quite talented and I wish I could play like their pianist!

Let's teach the boys to dance.....


  1. Looks like a fun visit. Loved the flower pictures too.


  2. i went in that church and prayed. Did you stay in the campground right in town? we stayed in the one on the way out,,, i think on the south side ,, directly after the bridge. ( think it's on the south side,, anyway)