Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 14-Dempster Hwy, Day 3 and Inuvik

Welcome to Inuvik.

Our first stop was the ‘igloo’ church.  The information in Dawson City was that they gave tours at 10 a.m. each day and Sunday after Mass.  Outdated information apparently because it wasn’t open.  I was very disappointed.

Structures are built off the ground.  These are LeRoy’s photos

Utilities cannot be put underground so they are run through pipes (possibly stainless steel) – water, electric, sewer.

These two are LeRoy’s photos.  Pretty neat and tidy.

My version in the business district

The colorful

This is the hospital

The MacKenzie Delta

Road being graded and watered down

Rengleng River

Time to cross the Pelly River again.  This ferry is not free floating but is a cable ferry.  The cable is just to the left of the deck.

As it nears shore, the cable comes out of the water.

Cable up the hill

As we approach the opposite shore

Back on the road

What road?

And back to the scenery

Rocks, rocks and more rocks but the ground cover makes them look so soft

We are back in the Yukon

Leaves are starting to turn.

Unusual diesel pump in Eagle Plain, but I’m told they had the same type set up in Central, Alaska

Fireweed going to seed at our campsite for the night

DUST!!!  We had nothing like this going north, but southbound was awful.

This was where the fun began – we punctured the sidewall of a tire.  We had just bought fuel 10 miles back.  Everything is sooo dirty and the spare is under the truck.  LeRoy changed the tire, I cleaned up some of the inside grit.
I had been glancing at the sun once in awhile as it was starting to set, but guess I should have watched closer.  LeRoy happened to look out and there was a moose!  Bad photo but.... 


  1. Good thing you were able to get the tired changed on the road yourself. You are having a unique experience.

    Please consider taking the codewords off. You will get more comments. This is my 4th and last try to guess the mangled words.

    1. Thanks for the heads up about the codewords - took me a little bit to figure out what you meant. I think I got rid of them.