Friday, August 10, 2012

July 24 continued with the bears

I have already posted pictures taken after this day but can't resist more bear photos! 

Mama Grizzly and cubs are back!! As you can see, she crosses the road and does not let the parked cars or people nearby keep her from her destination. And, yes, I was closer that I expected to be, but I figure with all the other bait around, my chances were pretty good or I was going to be bait and save everyone else! There was an animal control person keeping an eye on people.

It was fun to watch Mama fish and to watch all the interaction. She came up empty ‘pawed’ a few times. When she went around the corner, she found a lot of fish skeletons and made due with those.
One cub was not sharing his fish! Mama had a fish and she chased off a cub, taking a nip at his bum as he left.

When she left the little inlet, she went around the corner. Where she is standing there had been 2 fishermen there! The animal control guy had not seen them until the bear headed that way. Surely the two people knew with all the commotion the bears were nearby. When she rounded that corner, I got up on the camper roof. When the control officer thought she was coming up to cross the road, he told everyone to get back into their vehicles – I got into the camper. It was quite sometime later before she did cross, and people were still standing around.

Out the camper window.

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