Friday, August 31, 2012

August 27-Salmon Glacier and beyond

A waterfall view from our ‘by the road’ campsite
 On to the glacier which is past Hyder, Alaska.  The first part of the road was very rough, but when you are back in Canada, it isn’t quite so bad.   Once you reach the summit, the road does go on though someone has put up a road closed sign due avalanche danger (or someone forgot to take it down).  We had heard from locals that it was okay to continue.  The road is winding and narrow in spots.  As a semi came around a curve with a huge piece of equipment on a flatbed trailer, we had to back up to give him room to make the curve. 

Mine remains and a peek at the current day set up

We have no idea what this was for

An old ore car and track

A look back toward the end of the road

There were more glaciers on this road than I expected

Old mine entrances

What a neat view to look down on a glacier

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