Friday, August 31, 2012

August 26-On to Hyder and Fish Creek

Yet another scenery photo, a wooden culvert and a glacier

The visitor center in Stewart recommended the Blue Bus in Hyder for lunch.  Diana cooks, her husband and son fish.  She had a smoked halibut pasta salad with home grown corn in it.  It was so good, we each ordered a helping to go!  I would have gladly eaten there again.

And what would a day be without a black bear?!

Fish Creek where the salmon are spawning and the bears aren’t fishing – at least when we were there for hours.  A couple black bears were in the area, but the 2 known grizzlies did not appear.   After the mama bear and 4 cubs in Valdez, I am not really disappointed plus we had good conversations with other travelers.
This bear was in a pond near the entrance of the viewing area and another ate berries across the river.


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