Saturday, August 18, 2012

July 27-Worthington Glacier and beyond

Valdez is the first place in Alaska I really hated to leave.  It is also the first place to make me think I might come back someday.  The scenery is beautiful!  Parking by the water and watching the sea life and the bears was so much fun.   I would need a season pass for the Lu-Lu Belle boat tour!
This is Keystone Canyon where we saw Bridal Veil and Horsetail Falls on our way in.

Next was a stop a Worthington Glacier where I led us to the wrong, more difficult trail.  When we got to where the smooth trail seemed to end and the need to walk on rocks began, I didn’t go any further.

LeRoy made it

And then I looked down to my right and saw this easy trail!  That group went on to climb the glacier.

Mt. Wrangell

Mt. Blackburn


  1. Awesome pictures! Makes me want to head on up there.

  2. Anita, it isn't as if there is anyway to judge which trail is which....they lead all over the place and I think most of them require some mountain goat genes....