Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 16–Watson Lake to Whitehorse

Started snowing before we left the RV park and continued turning the ground white along the road. Flannel lined jeans and parka day! Snowy photo of the sign forest....
There are small birds who fly right in front of vehicles on the road - I'm sure we killed two and probably more.
Saw 9 caribou with antlers, but I only got a poor photo of one.
The scene at the Continental Divide.
Near Teslin.... Nisutlin Bay Bridge, the longest water span on the Alaska Highway, 1917 feet
Stopped at the Tlingit Heritage Center in Tesla. They aren't officially open, but we were able to look around. Interesting carved masks, beading, etc.
This otter box caught my eye because my grandson, Kyle, got a stuffed otter for his first has been a member of the family for nearly 13 years!
Moose hooves - rattles used in dancing
Arrived Whitehorse and drove straight to WalMart through the industrial area. Then drove downtown for a new camera battery. Main Street seemed to be well cared for but just seems to be a lot of industrial type businesses all over.
We are parked in WalMart lot for the night with a Starbucks right out the back door and McDonald's Wi-Fi usable!   Nope still haven’t looked up the things I intended to!

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