Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14, British Columbia

My posts will be out of order for a bit or some just will never make it!  Plus I'm not happy with the way this is set up yet so please bear with me.
Monday we stopped at the Visitor Center in Fort Nelson.  The girl suggested a stop at Tesla River for their cinnamon buns plus I later noticed them mentioned in the advertising.  It was a combination of store, motel, campground and not the greatest looking.  The buns have been sold there for 30 years - and the cost was $5.00.  Oh, dear, I didn't take a picture (my camping forum friends always take food pictures).
We drove on up the road along Peace River.  I was driving high above the river with snow patches and saw a large object - figured it was a rock. Then LeRoy asked if that was a bear. We turned around, looked and couldn't decide so I took a telephoto and then zoomed in on the result. Nope, just a rock.
L asked if I wanted to eat the bun while it was still warm - first bite was yummy, then parts needed salt and parts were doughy.  However, while I was stuffing my face, the 'rock' moved.....a grizzly!

There is a bear in the snow in the center of the photo - you can see that, right?

Gotta love a camera with a telephoto - it sees better than my eyes!

And the rest of our day.......



Black bear

 A new little buffalo

Stone sheep


  1. Great photos Anita. Just a heads up on blogger--you can add posts in the right order in your blog by simply going to the "Schedule" area next to the new post when you write it and put in the right date. That way you can earlier posts whenever you have time. Sorry if you already knew this but a lot of people don't.

  2. Wow how fun to see so many wild animals in one day... watch out for that rock... lol

  3. Guess you're having to much fun to blog much and that's a good thing! Great pictures!

  4. Wow, great wildlife shots Anita!