Monday, July 9, 2012

Wednesday, July 4–Bus into Denali’s Eielson Visitor Center

Yesterday we went down to the Visitor Center and Wilderness Access Center trying to get the bus reservation straightened out for our stay at Teklanika.  They want you to make a reservation for your first ride, but, in the end, it really wasn’t necessary so wasted time.
Today we moved to the Teklanika Campground where we will stay 4 nights.  Once you come here, if you drive out to the park entrance, you cannot come back in. 
As we drove into the park, we got a peek at Mt. McKinley!

We caught an early afternoon bus to the Eielson Visitor Center.  The plan was to go on a hike, but since it was later in the day and seats are not guaranteed on later buses, we turned around and came home.  It was still a 5 hour trip.
Wildlife was perhaps not as plentiful as I had expected, but we did see grizzlies and caribou.  We had at least 11 bear sightings – more on the way home may have been the same bears.  The landscape is unbelievable!  There is a variety of wildflowers which are plentiful.
LeRoy has a new camera and gets credit for this photo


over the side

Tokla River stop

Lazy (and fuzzy) bears!

At the Eielson Visitor Center.  I was impressed that this fabric was all hand dyed.

Another lazy (fuzzy) bear on his back.

To me it is very disappointing to have so many photo ops and to be on a bus!  Strangely with all the rest stops we made, none were where there were flowers or some of the more scenic mountains.  However, I do understand the need for buses here!

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  1. You got some really great photos of the grizzleys.